How a Guaranteed Sale Program Can Hurt a Realtor’s Bottom Line

Guaranteed Sale Program is something every leading real estate company in the country offer their sellers. If you have been researching homes for sale for any length of time, you know how hard it can be – there are just so many homes and a multitude of different homes, neighborhoods and properties. The competition is intense and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the new listings which is why companies like Guaranteed Sale Program exist. They take the guesswork out of whether or not you should hire a realtor and instead let you know if you’ve chosen the home of your dreams and what the price would be. Here’s more about how this company works.

Buried Real Estate Agents: No matter how experienced a realtor may be, every listing is filled with challenges. It’s hard to stay informed about the next home on the market, how quickly that next home will sell, whether or not the next home is in your neighborhood, etc. With guaranteed sale program, you can rest assured that if you choose the home of your dreams and a Realtor’s number is on the listing, you’ll be getting a fast response to your request.

Open Market: You absolutely know nothing about the open market when you sell a property. This is your worst nightmare and knowing what the real estate market is doing can be scary. Having a guaranteed sale program in place means you won’t have to worry about anything but closing on the home seller. The listing is full of homes that have sold in the open market within a few days to a week and you can be confident you will be getting the response you need to close on a home seller.

* No Marketing Tactic Needed: Some real estate professionals think a guaranteed sale program is a marketing tactic. They say a listing is only as good as the asking price. The truth is a listing can work with or without the guaranteed sale program. Since there are many people looking for homes in the open market, the offer price should be competitive, but not unreasonably competitive.

* No Ashley Leigh Realtors: With so many homes on the market, brokers don’t take the time to list homes. As a result, they aren’t bringing in the business. When a buyer has a guaranteed sale program, they know the real estate professional is going to list their next home for them first. This means more exposure to homes on the market and more chances for interested buyers.

* No Guarantee: While it’s true a guaranteed sale program can help boost sales, this marketing tactic also doesn’t give a buyer any guarantees. There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing gimmicks like listings. If the listing is a great deal, the person selling will beat it to the curb and take their money to another home.

* No Active Promotion: One big reason real estate agents have such a strong marketing presence is because of their referral programs. In exchange for an upsell, the real estate agent will promote the sale of their next client’s home to their existing client list. This can generate a lot of traffic to the homes being sold. This traffic leads to higher sales and commissions. A guaranteed sale program isn’t going to do this for you.

* No Active Promotions: Most realtors think a guaranteed sale program gives them a chance to upsell. This is a mistake, though. If the realtor wants to sell their client’s home, they should get out there and actively promote the property they’ve listed. Realtors that use a guaranteed sale program to upsell always make the situation worse for the home seller.